GRADD has devised a streamlined workflow in capturing fast, and accurate ground, and aerial data using UAVs (drones), as well as millimeter accurate laser measurements from accident scenes. Using the ground and drone images we create 2D maps (with GPS alignment to Google Earth) and 3D models of accident scenes for the purpose of inspecting, analyzing, and conducting accurate measurements. The laser measurements are used to calibrate (scale) the 2D maps and 3D models, to insure accuracy. We also welcome the opportunity to set up a private cloud for your department, so you may share a secured web link with stakeholders, for inspections, and to conduct measurements without end users needing any special software on their laptops or desktops. We also provide an online viewer service – LAS3D – to share your 3D models for inspecting and conducting measurements with investigators and stakeholders.

Conduct measurements in Analist 2019 – An Autodesk Licensed CAD Software!
Measure distances, and areas using Analist 2019! Plus, insert GPS data and place the scene on Google Earth in the Analist 2019 software!
View and conduct analysis and measurements in 3D with our 3D visualization software. Use our software to factor slope into your equations!
Accurate measurements in 3D = 10.84 meters above = 11.855-1.017 = 10.838 image below. Also, important to note the slope on this roadway when determining vehicle speeds before brakes were applied.

In the 3D model viewer (above), use your left and right mouse keys to manipulate, rotate, and move the model, and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. You may also use the tools on the left nav bar to conduct measurements of distance, angles, height and more.